Cheapest Alcohol in British Columbia, Canada

I am what some people call cheap. I prefer frugal…but whether it’s cheap or frugal, I had a cost issue that I wanted to solve once and for all.

Many people want to know what is the cheapest they can get drunk. So I set out to find out…What is the cheapest alcohol for your money? How can you get drunk for the least money?

There are many theories in play here. People were always saying, “olde english is the cheapest booze you can buy” or “the cheapest vodka is your best bang for the buck” but I didn’t believe any of these people and decided to do some hard math and find out the answer for certain.

First and foremost, I needed a list of every alcoholic beverage, price, and alcohol content to get an accurate price to alcohol ratio. With a little web knowledge, this was fortunately easier than I thought. I did a simple rewrite the URL for the BC liquor store website product page and voila!, all of the products, alcohol contents, and prices in one pretty list. All I had to do was a little formatting and math in an excel doc and I had the answer to the age old question…What is the absolute cheapest alcohol you can get drunk on in BC?

The answer turns out to be…Andres Medium Dry, 22% alcohol, 2 liter bottle of Sherry for the great price of $15.99.

Cheapest alcohol in BC

Yes, this picture means that I have bought a bottle of this…and to answer your questions…no, it doesn’t taste good. No, you won’t feel good about buying this. No, there is nothing even remotely classy about this. Yes, you will be made fun of if you drink Sherry in public. But, also…yes, it will do the trick. And most importantly to this blog post, yes, this is the cheapest alcohol in BC.

With that said…Although this does not taste good by any stretch of the imagination, it is also not immediately “vomit inducing” as straight vodka is …so that has got to count for something right?? Also, at the end of the day, it is also equivalent to more than a 40 of any other hard liquor for at least $4 less than the price of any other 26.

PS. – In case you wanted more info on the costs of drinking in this great province, here is a Google doc of every product available to British Columbians (*legally) via the BC Liquor Store sorted from cheapest to most expensive. Cheapest Alcohol in BC.

*Note: This spreadsheet does not take into account the deposit fees. This sheet assumes that you are a responsible adult that recycles and receives the deposit back rather than littering or throwing out the bottles.

4 Replies to “Cheapest Alcohol in British Columbia, Canada”

  1. Hey Mark,

    I was wondering what url did you use to do that. Also how did you export these results into a spreadsheet.


    1. I don’t remember exactly. I modified a search page to show all products on a single page and it just conveniently copied nicely into a spreadsheet. But the site has been redesigned since I pulled that out and the search function has changed so I don’t know if you can even do it anymore.

  2. 2L at $15.99 with only 22%?

    You can buy multiple bottles of 1.75L bottles of 40% for under that. Calypso rum is 35% at $9 for a 1.75L bottle and tastes decent. Cheapest liquor for the quality. Maybe you meant specifically that one area and they don’t sell things like that there.

    1. Ya, this is just for BC. Alcohol in BC is expensive. It’s cheaper pretty much everywhere else.

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